Private Wine Tours in Armenia

Premium tours with a professional wine tour guide

I am a certified Wine Guide as I was lucky to be able to participating in an award-winning 4-month wine tour guide training program to professionally serve the travelers, let them be wine connoisseurs or simply lovers of wine who wish to learn everything about wine while exploring Armenia.

The training included classroom lectures and field trips to wineries, museums and historical sites related to winemaking. I was taught wine tasting techniques as well as sensory evaluation of wine. 
The certification is be recognized by the state and private as an official trademark of quality. This has enabled me to design and perform/offer guided wine tours competently.
I can make guests feel enthusiastic about Armenian wine-growing landscape, regions history and wines.

Wine History

The slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and the Armenian Plateau are the world’s oldest winemaking sites. The Armenian village of Areni is home to the remains of the planet’s oldest winery that operated 6,100 years ago. Today, Armenia is experiencing a genuine winemaking renaissance: as traditional methods are reimagined with modern technologies, new wineries and enotecas are spreading like wildfire, rare indigenous varieties of grapes are being cultivated, and traditional methods are once again in use alongside modern ones; Caucasian wines can even be found among elite wine lists.

Private Wine Tours in Armenia


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Private wine Tour in Armenia

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Private wine Tour in Armenia

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private wine tours in Armenia

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